Fasting. Day 1 (A little background, please)


This year, Ramadan…….followers could be in for 15 hours or more of fasting…….

But remember: Followers of Islam don’t fast the entire month. They eat a pre-dawn meal called a “suhoor” and break the fast after sunset each day with a meal known as “iftar,” shared with family and friends.-MPRnews

I used to see my parents having the Suhoor when I was a kid. They’d set the alarm in their own ingenious ways so I didn’t wake up (How did they do it?). But I always wanted to take the Suhoor with them! But their plan didn’t work as well sometimes. Sometimes I would awake anyway (my subconscious was already prepared to, anyway: D) and I had the foodstuff with them. It was amazing to have food at such an odd time, late after midnight, but it wasn’t as awkward as I thought. Soon. As I’d look out the window and notice so many other houses with their lights on….they were having their Suhoor! 😮 It was a glorious time of the year. My childlike self would see it as a “food party” and being a romantic since I was a child, I enjoyed the cooling, quiet calmness of the night as I’d gobbled food with my parents, back then.

The image on the top-left is the food I had for Suhoor just last night- beef-curry with rice and pieces of potatoes 🙂 We awoke at 3:30 AM (I think, I totally forgot! I was a bit sleepy :P) and had food. I was expecting myself to get a bit nostalgic as I awoke, but I didn’t 😦 I didn’t feel sentimental at all. Yes, it was quiet, a little cold and there were other houses that had lights on as other family members had their own suhoor. But, how come I didn’t feel as I did back then? When did I lose my childhood 😦

“Ring! Ring!” The alarm clock went and me and Mom awoke from its still sound. My dad, on the other hand, slept in the other room (Must not keep the parents in the same bed! They’ll kill each other! 😮 ) with his alarm ringing a little more tartly, didn’t wake up. I laughed and told Mom about dad still not waking up and I think Mom said something like, “It’s ‘cos he isn’t the one doing the cooking, so he will slept peacefully”.

I went to the kitchen with Mom and “Ring! Ring! Ring!!” went Dad’s alarm, maybe it was putting him in a deeper sleep. She fixed beef-curry and rice and I was walking around the house, a little excited, thinking I will get nostalgic as we have dinner together again.

I turned the lights on in Dad’s room when I saw him staring into his phone and looking at it like, “Why are you making that noise?” XD I called Mom, “Dad awoke” as I giggled. Dad got out of bed, with an expressionless face, to ready himself for the fast he himself put the alarm for.

The table was prepped and Mom and Dad served themselves food after Mom served me with some. And then I took the plate and, looking at the plate, waited for the nostalgia to occur.

It didn’t. Why, Mon!? Why?

Nevertheless, I was still a little hopeful for the fast as I had food. But I anxious of going dehydrated so….I had TOO much water and drank it all XD And then I couldn’t drink no more. But what if I get thirsty? I poured another glass of water and took sips from it until the time was over and the time for the fast began. I went to bed thinking, “Maybe I’ll get thinner? I will get healthier? It’s sort of like a detox.” And went to sleep. No, I am lying. I had to pee twice as I got up from the bed and then went to sleep XD

Then in the morning, I had the urge to pee again :I And then I went to bed again and had a good two hour sleep till 9: AM.

It’s a Friday today. And our Friday is America’s Sunday- it’s the weekends! So that means Dad won’t go to work and observe the fast with us.

What was surprising is that I actually didn’t feel hungry during the fast. In the morning, I was hungry, at first- for breakfast. But as the day went by, I just got more weary and thirsty- but not hungry. I was a wee little hungry, but not as much as I thought I would be- which is the OH MAN I AM DYING FOR FOOD!- hungry. Instead, I was actually very composed.

Anyhow, when the time came for us to be able to break the fast, we prayed and I drank a sorbet (our sorbet is pretty

    Rooh Afza image by Sailu

Rooh Afza image by Sailu

simple- lemon juice+ sugar+ water= sorbet :)) with a bit of Roof Afza (It’s like syrup for our lemon juice XD) and I drank it like it was the only thing that would keep me alive after the intense thirst XD

And then I started with my fruit salad (which is simple too, don’t laugh but…it’s pieces of banana with pieces of mango! :D) but I couldn’t eat it all. My whole day my metabolism slowed down and now I am drinking sorbet, having some chola, and then I was having fruits and it was all like, “Boom! Boom! Boom!” to my metabolism all of a sudden and I didn’t feel good XD It was also making me nauseous. “Maybe rice will make me feel better,” I thought.

So, I asked for some rice because the food I was having made me want to vomit. Then Parents bought some beef they planned to have and while I was having it, I couldn’t eat that either. It was really oily and after having nothing the whole day, this was going to be really bad for me to eat. So the stored chicken curry was heated over the stove and I later had that, with much difficulty.

But I was feeling like I had low-pressure and I couldn’t move after eating (and my Mom is feeling the same way still, she is lying in bed behind me) and after some rest I thought I would open the computer and type some feelings out.

I had an epiphany today- after eating, I could feel the oil in my stomach which was dry for so long, the entire day – and how awful it made me feel after I had that oily stuff. Did I always feel that way before? No. Why? It’s kind of like when you’re wearing a tight-clothing and soon you are used to it but you don’t understand the comfort of wearing comfy clothes, until you wear them:D Well, I was wearing “comfy clothes” and the oil was “tight” for my health 😮 I told Mom to put less oil in my curry from now on :I


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