Rant: 17/6/15 (Feminism)

Clothes marketed to young kids often mix adult elements like padded tops with childlike flourishes like flowers or polka dots, a new study finds. Credit: © Poznyakov | Dreamstime.com

Clothes for little girls often mix crap like PADDED tops with flourishes like flowers, a new study finds (Though, not in those exact words :o).
Credit: © Poznyakov | Dreamstime.com

Warning: Mon’s Opinions are Mon’s to keep.

The feminist f*ck! What the FUCK!? I saw this “feminist” post a few moments ago that said that feminism is not about gender-equality; it’s about special treatment of women.

Let. Me. Tell. You. Something…

As long as we are living on f*cking planet earth, special treatment for women is FAR, FAR, FAR, FAR out of question. We can’t get equal rights and you expect women to rule the world (Rulers get “special” treatments, let’s not deny that)? Screw you (Don’t trust Mon, she is conspiring for male-domination in secret!)

I will be seriously F-ing honest with you, I don’t think women can ever get equality. That’s what I think. Yes, we are evolving technologically. But gender-equality-wise? Not that much. I mean, come on! We have computers, we live in the twenty-fucking-first century and if change isn’t happening right now, it ain’t gonna happen. We like technology more than education (Read: human justice). Let me explain why I think so.


We live in a world where sex is starting to be seen as merely a form of “enjoyment”. Sex is now a nudge-nudge-wink-wink topic. So if sex is considered a play…..does that mean those people who see it as that see themselves as playthings? I think it is more serious than that.

Girls want to be attractive. The media shows this image of ideal beauty. The media apparently has no other business than being some shallow snob. A recent study found that little girls wanted to dress sexy like the dolls who were dressed in that way compared to dolls that were a little more covered up.

We are not evolving. We are sexualizing.

Now, you might ask, “Mon, you wear a head-scarf! Who are you to make such brass opinions on what is right or not!?”

My answer: My religion. My choice.

But if you want to talk about oppression….Should I tell you of the number of amazing and fun times I was cat-called, molested and stalked my men even while protecting myself by wearing the head-covering? I am scared sh*t every time wind blows and I think my head-covering will fall back, revealing my hair. If I am being harassed by covering so much, how secured am I really when I will be baring my hair?

I walk the streets alone a lot to go to the schooling center. Do you know how scared s*it I am just walking the street even covered like that? No. You don’t live where I live nor deal with the things I did.

Do I want to be “just” another statistic of rape victims? I am not a statistic. I am a human being. Will anyone nurture me back to good health, mentally and physically, if I’ve ever been raped?

I see men playing basket-ball and sh*t everyday and I think to myself, “You can’t be as free as them; you don’t have a penis with a pair of testicles; you aren’t the same as them, Mon. So sorry! Will a chocolate-chip cookie make you feel freer?” You expect me to stay protected inside my house, like I’ve been my whole life? (No, actually, I am creating a secret plan to get “special treatments” from the world while enjoying the comforts of my house, thank you very much. Now don’t bother me, I have conquering to do!)


And then there is the article where they say to stop complaining about woman being raped because men get raped too……As if I am dim-wit enough to not even be aware of the fact that this same thing is being done to men. I wouldn’t be a f-ing feminist if I didn’t admit that!

Men get raped too; They get raped by women even. Just because I am a feminist, are you saying I support man-rape? I don’t support rape for either gender, thank you very much, because unlike those writers, I see men and women as humans. I don’t see feminists as this “superior-world-conquering” group (Wish me luck. I am almost done with my world-domination plan. But right now…how do I go through that apparently “lonely” street without getting harassed?)

Yes, I am aware it happens to men too. But not as frequently to men that they have to stay inside the house, protected from bad men, almost their entire life, as they safely watch though the windows to find people of the opposite sex playing badminton on what you perceive as the “battle-ground”. I am not saying women are more important. I am stating it happens more frequently to women. Although if men were as frequently raped and women very less- this article would be focusing on men (If anyone think that isn’t right for a feminist to do in that case, they have to look up feminism), that’s the feminist thing to do.

But we first need to focus on for whom such problems occur the most. Feminism is gender-euality, not sexualizing or……

Umma conquer nawww!. Special treatments for women…..here comes Mon-Mon!!


15 thoughts on “Rant: 17/6/15 (Feminism)

  1. Miss Evelyn says:

    You’re right in the women are getting more and more sexualized. It is as if we are going backwards from the women’s movement. Women wanting the easy way out- why bother with education? It seems as if society glorifies Kim K and the lot. It is not right- yet we see this in media. I really don’t know what else to say.

    • Mon says:

      Yes, that I believe is THE main reason all this stuff is happening. The media has gone bonkers with what’s “hot”. We see mag-covers with Kim K’s butt and Bruce Jenner’s transition. If people are going to be focusing on celebrities, why not focus on the good they do, like Why don’t they glorify Akon’s donation to African power conservation? A lot of celebrities are doing some major good, but of course….”bad” is the new “good”, now *sigh*

  2. miusho says:

    Labels are depressing. Oppression is depressing. Fear is depressing.. Poor Mon. -gives feel better hug- you can come live with me, np. I have an extra room. You can even walk outside if you want. ❤
    Now if only my fiancé would agree…

    • Mon says:

      Aww…thanks so much, Lovely :* If you ever need to come to Bangladesh we…oh wait. There are four of us living in two bedroom rooms and one little dining room for the space XD Never mind…… But thanks for the thoughts :*

  3. blanked15 says:

    This actually made me happy to read because you are right. Feminism isn’t about being better then men, nor is it about saying men raped too therefore women’s rape is OK and your right feminism isn’t going to move forward until we remove the sexualizing of women.
    I’m sorry to hear that the outside world is that scary for you. I struggle with understanding that because I have only been hurt at home and in NZ it’s pretty safe to walk around, I’ve never even been catcalled.
    You have such a strong powerful voice about all of these issues, have you ever thought about joining a local feminist group? I joined a feminist organisation down the road from my house and it was the best thing I’ve ever done.

    • Mon says:

      Thanks, Blanked Sweetie, you are so precious!

      You put it perfectly. It happening to the opposite sex doesn’t justify this heinous crime 😦

      ❤ Really? You think I have a strong voice? I’ve always wanted to have one, really! (LOL!) *hugs*

      No, joining feminist groups wouldn’t do me much good. I think all they will do is just talk about the topic because recently a group of feminists complained about women being molested in crowds at a certain place and in return…..for their "punishment" for doing so….they were gang-raped by a group of angry men. So it won't be safe for me to be voicing my opinions outside.

      Oh yes, Blanked, the catcalling, this happened a few times when I *even* looked out the window and a man spots me they start calling me and I am like, "What the f***?" One guy even threw a broken glass bottle at me and when I looked out he just winked. I lived in bad neighborhoods and still do. So it's not easy living this way. But you're a strong person and I have a lot to learn from you, thanks so much Sister :*

      • blanked15 says:

        Yeah I definitely think that you have a strong voice and you have a very clear idea of whats right (:
        Wow the world you live in is a lot different to mine. I can’t even imagine living in a place where if you voice your opinion that’s what happens in return. I’m really sorry to hear that. I totally get why you are scared of leaving the house though, having to face that jeepers. At least you can express yourself safely here (:And even though we’re on different sides of the world I’m here fighting for equal rights, so I’m fighting for you. Thank you and I have a lot to learn from you (:

      • Mon says:

        Aww…thanks a lot, Baby :*

        Yes, let’s fight for some humanity :* We’re both going to have to learn from each other, than, hehe 🙂 ❤ I am sending you many hugs and kisses :* XOXOXOXOXOXOXOOXOXOXO

        Take Care, Sweetie! ❤

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