Micheal Lost a Fan


Michael Moscovitz from the movie of the book series

Micheal Moscovitz is the male protagonist of the main character, Mia Thermopolis from the book The Princess Diaries (Never watch the movie version! I repeat, NEVER watch the movie version! The movie version ruins the book! It added a lot of unnecessary things that weren’t even in the book; it cut out a lot of necessary ones. When I was watching a little bit of the movie, I got disappointed in it’s poor quality)

Some things I disagreed with the book was because of religious reasons (as if that’s something new!).

But while reading the Princess Diaries, I had a crush on this Micheal dude. So thoughtful, assertive and I love his bluntness. It was hot! But…

I soon started loathing Micheal- how Micheal started…umm… pressurizing Mia to have sex with him? “I am not going to wait forever” or something like that. And that made Micheal lose a fan D: Eh, maybe I am just not into premarital sex and that’s what it is? But I am not into a-holes who pressure women :I

Anyhow, I still fancied him, but ever since I read that part, I took a break from the book to restore my mental health gasp!.

But I would like to read the whole ten-part series of the Princess Diaries again! I have so much in common with Mia- wanting to improve the world, our shyness, low-self-esteem and, of course, awkwardness.

Yes, this is part of the “writing whatever I feel like” goal. I thought it was ludicrous to write such simple things, but then I was like, “Nah!” and I wrote it. I am just cool like that.


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