25 Facts about me. Part-3

Here is another scoop inside the Mon-mind. (Even though “Mon” means “Mind” but whatever XD)

Thanks to Celestine Chua, founder of Personal Excellence, for creating this amazing article: 101 Important Questions To Ask Yourself. I used this article to help me get more insight into myself.

  1. Maryum Mim. ‘Nuf said. (Call me Mon, please :))
  2. The achievement I am most proud of is overcoming OCD. It’s still a work in progress, I have my bad days, but they are not as horrible as it was before
  3. I am most grateful for my Parents
  4. Enjoyment and Fulfillment are the most important things to me
  5. My values are- Love, Enjoyment and Fulfillment
  6. I want to be physically strong and have some muscles :O
  7. I don’t love myself because I think I am a sloth
  8. I can love myself more by appreciating the good qualities of my slothness like flexibility, acceptance, creativity (because I am not bound by restrictions and mostly doing whatever I feel at the moment)
  9. My ideal self, on earth, would be a hardworking woman. She’s free, independent, doing whatever she can for the world (but not at the expense of her own needs), self-respecting with a healthy balance of humility and has a bubbly personality. 😀
  10. Right now, I am definitely not living the life of my dreams. I have unhealthy habits and….slothfulness.
  11. If I had one year left to live, I would write an article on Spirituality on my blog (because I think it is important some people at least read the opinions I have about it), pray more, stop worrying much about petty things and try to eat more veggies and fruits to live more…freshly?
  12. One thing stopping me from achieving my goals is my lack of motivation.
  13. I might be able to overcome my lack of motivation by ignoring it? I have tried different methods. Motivation doesn’t work and doesn’t last long enough for me usually :I
  14. One year from now, I just want to lose some weight…..maybe…27 kilos? :O XD
  15. My top priorities in my life right now is Health and Studying. What a surprise!
  16. I think my ideal look would be to turn my hair blonde (I just love how light and angelic it looks :*), get fitter, wear more feminine clothes and wearing women’s shoes (LOL! But men’s sandals are just SO comfy! :'()
  17. I fear failure of any kind the most, as long as they aren’t petty ones, that is
  18. My internal dialogue usually goes something like, “Does this make you any better?”, “Did you hurt their feelings?” and “Is this RELIGIOUSLY correct!?”
  19. The biggest step I can take to create the biggest changes in my life would be avoiding my self-limiting thoughts.
  20. Freedom drives me- the need for freedom in my thoughts, actions and environment
  21. The time when I am most inspired is when I see someone doing something kind for others
  22. Today, I can change someone’s life for the better by being a more respectful person (Is that TOO much? Nope!)
  23. People like Nelson Mandela, My Mother, Feminists, Male-Feminists, Social-Activists and those Animal-Rights-People inspire me a lot!
  24. I can be like those people by overcoming my self-limiting thoughts and going for what I want.
  25. I would want my husband to be- genuinely kind (and not for just the sake of looking polite), funny and..cute 😀

Thanks to Asil for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award! 🙂  Check his blog out, he a very sweet and funny boy: Redefining Random

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This is in the personal development/sittin’ pretty category because knowing ourselves is some self-growth stuff, yo!

9 thoughts on “25 Facts about me. Part-3

  1. Yoshiko says:

    My motivation comes from inside. When there are too many people and depend on the people I am with, they can either suck or amplify my motivation.

  2. arcade1775 says:

    I heard that introverted types derive their inspiration primarily from the environment in which they live… like me checking into WordPress and reading posts like these regularly ^^

    I find it hard to stay motivated sometimes… new experiences tend to help a bit. then there are those moments where nothing new is going on and I freak out and… well, either try remixing things so as to make life more innaresting (I.e. writing about difficult topics, however you wish to interpret that) or eventually burn out for a while and turn into a zombie until the next day.


    dat slothfulness is a tricky concept. Maybe much mental/emotional energy and low physical energy (in comparison?) That works fine for people in creative professions (though the creative world is its’ own Pandora’s box…). I’m almost 28 and am only now learning to live with what I considered to be ‘slothful’, which I think is a mix of much optimism, mild depression and other stuff that I can’t say because kids might be reading, xd.

    Visiting a psychologist (or a really good friend) helped me immensely…

    Vitamins, diet, exercise (DDR?). idk. Without that exercise, I’d prolly be a shell of my present self.

    take care!


    • Mon says:

      Yeah. I think we are sensitive to the environment. (Thank you, I am glad you liked this post <3) I find it hard to stay motivated almost all the time, LOL. Yes, new experiences do help- especially going somewhere new. I am a zombie, too!

      I love how you wonderfully put it. Yes, I think my slothfulness is a mixture of optimism and pessimism :O I have met psychologist, but sadly they couldn't provide me with the resources I needed. And exercise? Hey, I mentioned I am a sloth 😛 But yeah, I am trying to corporate into my daily habits :I

      Thanks, Xeno ❤

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