Image by Joshua Davis

Image by Joshua Davis

Criticism can be helpful for bloggers, as long as they are not unfair/attacking/giving threats. I embrace criticism. If someone says, they don’t like something, however, I would ask for an explanation to know how to make myself better. Criticism is good as long as they are constructive and not flaiming the writer.

Here is some awesome criticism I received from thebookblogger2014 on my How to be a Better Blogger article:

These are just impressions, you may disagree with me and that’s fine:
*I’m not sure what a ‘seasoned reader’ is
*In your section on pictures, you may want to mention attributing them (as you yourself did)
*I don’t think you can change font size without purchasing a premium plan, otherwise you only get a preview and the font stays the same on the site, similarly with font
*With tags and categories, you may just want to make it clear that 16 is the maximum of tags and categories combined-otherwise posts may not show up in the reader
*I’m counting 9 categories?
*Lastly, congratulations on the popularity of your blog!
Yours are all good and sensible points, I’m just nitpicking, and I really enjoyed the post. (My Note:Even though I was asking for criticism, look how sensitive and kind he was being! <3)
Best, Matt
P.S. You may want to upload a higher resolution of your header image if you can find one, it looks a little pixelated.

His criticism helped me immesely and I quickly made immediate changes to my blog upon reading his comments.

So let’s give criticism a go, shall we? 😉

This post was inspired by another post: Why You Are a Blogger ?

14 thoughts on “Criticism

  1. Miss Evelyn says:

    I believe in criticism because it helps you open your mind. Its the only way to evolve, if you don’t then you’re be stuck in the same place forever. You are unable to grow and/or improve yourself. If you’re unable to evolve, what use or rather what purpose is there to life ?

    • Mon says:

      “If you’re unable to evolve, what use or rather what purpose is there to life?”
      Yes, life would be boring if we were all perfect and had no agenda since we all would think we don’t need any advice/criticism :O

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