Rants: 8/6/15

 Jared Keener

“National Suicide Prevention” by Jared Keener

I am forcing myself to write now. The best way to get writing done is…writing. So that’s what I am doing. I don’t know.

IĀ  believe that when someone is speaking against anyone’s religion, they should be as formal as possible.

I am afraid of controversial topics. I think I will get slain if I speak against someone specifically. I know. It might seem ridiculous. But whatever.

Bruce Jenner. Hmm…he is a she now; a Caitlin. I don’t think anything about him. What Caitlin does with her(/his?) life is her (/his?) own beeswax and honestly I don’t think anything about the recent change. I wouldn’t do anything like that for religious reasons and I am sure she can find things to disagree with my lifestyle just as I can find with her (although I don’t care at all, although my Mom was shocked and she was all, “I am telling you. This person will do something majorly terrible with his/her own life”. She was implying “suicide” by “majorly terrible” because she thinks Miss Jenner is depressed. Mom always makes these ginormous outlooks on a person and although she is right most of the time, I don’t think she is right here.

Recently a teenage boy in Bangladesh committed suicide for not getting a GPA 5. His parents pressured him and criticized him a lot for great results. Out of parental pressure he took his own life. I don’t know how to feel about this. My parents aren’t like this at all but all I can say is, nothing is more disappointing than disappointing your own parents. And the fact that it…..I don’t know what else to say.
I don’t feel like writing anymore after what I wrote in the last para.

9 thoughts on “Rants: 8/6/15

  1. arcade1775 says:

    You can’t please everyone, even if the same blood runs through your veins. Would be nice (sometimes), but… ehh, if I start talking, it’ll turn into a rant REAL quick. If Caitlyn’s happy and doesn’t hurt anyone in the process, then I’m happy too.

    … if I cared, that was. The difference between him and others who I see is that he was a lot richer. so meh


    just wait ’til people like you and me are running things. i’ve got hope ^^

    • Mon says:

      No, we can’t please everyone.

      By the way, I am nominating you with the Liebster award šŸ˜‰ The details are in the Facts about me Part 2 article šŸ˜€ You may accept it or not ā¤

  2. miusho says:

    People need to stop putting unnecesary pressure onto their children….. Sounds like my mom. never happy with whatever grades if it’s not a max score and even then “You could do better” even when trying your hardest. :/

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