Sound Challenge

Miusho challenged anyone at her blog for a Sound Challenge 🙂

The “rules” are pretty simple.

Sit down. Focus on the sound around you. Write down the first sound you notice. Write down the next. And so on and so on.

Don’t just write down what you hear but, try to put some feeling into it! Just try to isolate the sounds one by one. Whichever catches your ear first …..

You can challenge as many people as you want who you want to challenge by linking them or post on their blog! Give a reason as to why you want to challenge them. Use “sound challenge” as a tag.

This is a Rickshaw 😀


The fan whirling air around me

Honking of cars far, far away

Rickshaw moving on bumpy roads

Hammering workers with owners to obey.


Crows calling and there’s the

Noise of a bag being chafed or something (LOL)

Fluttering wings of sparrows stalling.

A gate is being unlocked


Something just fell down in the distance

A Motorcycle is moving.

On rough roads, an Auto-Rickshaw

moves with resistance. .


Me making noises with my nose, I’ve a cold

And noises from my mouth from drinking water

People arguing far away.

And a kid talking outside alone,

not huffed by his Mother. .

I have put this in the Personal Development challenge because I think it is a kind of meditation/mindfulness practice. It made me appreciate all the noises around me and to “sink” back into the present 🙂 I challenge the following people because they are so kind to me among others, but I can’t name all of you, Gosh there are so many of you!






Anyone can take the challenge, Miusho didn’t directly challenge me but she said anyone can take it and so I took it 😀 And I am telling this to you guys too! Anyone reading this can take it, just remember to follow the rules 😉


20 thoughts on “Sound Challenge

  1. sutlive2 says:

    Dear Mon,
    I think Miusho is a really cool person based on her blogging site, posts, and comments.

    The sound challenge was really fun because I did it where I had not honed in on the different sounds before. I also enjoyed truly hearing the noises and sounds around me.
    Sam Sutlive.

  2. arcade1775 says:

    Reblogged this on arcade # 1775 and commented:
    BGM: Night Walker – Under Night In-Birth, Linne’s Theme

    Linne is my second favorite character to fight with. Especially when charged with EXS… It’s weird how fighting games channel one’s rage and aggression and translates it into an elevated work of art…

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