My Comment Blacklist


I received my first spam and now….here is my black-list words in my comments settings to catch spams. Feel free to use them, I am sharing in case it helps you.

pharmacy, investment, stock, disclaimer, Order, rates, converter, installation, free, Auto , bonus, refund, shipped , guaranteed, shipped, Passwords, Phone, Brand, car, combined, card, Casino, Instant, Insurance , loans, expires, Notspam, inventory, gimmick, fees, Viagra , Vicodin, dollars. disclaimer, stainless, Shopper, sale, Profits, Prize , Outstanding , Clearance, employment,      Homebased, degree, Bargain,Discount, cost, Unsecured, Mortgage, refund, monthly, Eliminate, Solution, Ad, Traffic,  recipient, hormone, 100%, #1, certificate, fax , access, trial, risk, instant, delivery

Don’t worry if you aren’t spamming but still have any of these words. I check my spam box everyday and I will verify you 🙂

This is in personal-development cos this is some big-girl action I took; I am one smart cookie-monster.


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