Random Bullshitting Part 3

These posts are mainly brain-dumps, meaning I just post whatever is in my head. Brace yourselves.

Image Credit:  Sinior Hearts

Chickens that I think are following each other! OK, I don’t. It has nothing to do with this post. I just thought it looked adorable.
Image Credit: Sinior Hearts

I follow a LOT of people :I Only some of them do I actually allow to reach my inbox (LOL!). I don’t know what’s wrong with me. If I see anything I like from a blog, I follow it. And then I start seeing posts which were not what I originally wanted :I And now I feel guilty about unfollowing them because a lot of them followed me back πŸ˜₯

OK Mon. If they followed you back, maybe it’s because they actually LIKE your blog and not because they think it is a “courtesy” to follow you.

Really, Wise Mon? You think so?

Definitely. You have to live for yourself.

That sounds SOOOoooowwwoossososooooo Selfish!

That’s because the word “Self” is in it. Not something you are good at paying attention, are you?

No, I am plenty self-caring.


I eat.

That’s all you came up with?

Alright, I will unfollow them. I will feel guilty the rest of the day, but I will unfollow them.

A very nice journey towards selfishness!

You think I am selfish?

I mean, self-care-ness!

Do you really?

Update: Those blogs are awesome and deserve PLENTY of awards of their inspirational-ness but…right now…I don’t think it is something that suits me. (Yes, I wrote an explanation! I am trying to go the Wise-Mon-way! 😦 )

Second Update: OH MY GOODNESS! IT IS HARDER THAN i THOUGHT! I am feeling way too much guilt.


17 thoughts on “Random Bullshitting Part 3

      • Tessa says:

        I am under 400 now and still have a few that might be unfollowed. It is crazy to follow something I don’t like to read even though they might be great blogs if it isn’t for me I shouldn’t follow them with my precious time.

      • Tessa says:

        I have this thing about wanting everyone to like me and I guess I thought following everyone’s blogs would be the way to go. I went nuts following everyone. I don’t have little kids anymore. That kind of blog really won’t improve my life.

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