How to Be a better blogger: 10 Helpful Tips

Get the word out! Image by:  Maria Reyes-McDavis

Get the word out!
Image by: Maria Reyes-McDavis

Have you started a new blog on WordPress and want to know how to get more readers? Well, I have some tips for you! 🙂 Blogging helps you to practice writing; writing is important to connect with people. And blogging can be done just from the comfort of your home (if you prefer ;)). Writing is an art to touch people and to relate to people. I have met more people I can connect with while blogging than in real life! The internet is a vast place. You may be a teen who loves knitting designs and you will find more of these people online than where you are 😀 Over the past 2 months (Yes, that’s how long I’ve been blogging) I have received over 2600 views, 1400 likes and 600 comments. I think that’s enough for me to give advice on blogging better 😉 Without further ado, I shall get started!

1. Make an About Page.

My Goodness! This is probably THE most important advice! I hate going to other people’s blogs and then manually type “../about” at the end of the URL; only to find that they don’t EVEN have an About Page. Why is the About page important? Tell me why your identity is important! 😀 Readers need to see this page in order to understand whether your blog suits their interests or not. That’s why you need to have a good About Page, here’s how- Give a small description of yourself and write what your blog is about in the first paragraph (Hey, some people may not have so much time so you need to make a good first impression). If your blog is personal and just a mishmash of a lot of things (like mine), it is important to give concise info about the type of mishmash you post about. For example, I wrote: “Hi! I am Mon . I am 18 years old. I share my random thoughts, poetry, my opinions, challenges, and personal-development advice/sites that helped me. I share photographs from time to time”. Then you can go on and write more about yourself after people can get a quick idea of you.

2. Make Friends

Follow more bloggers you like and comment if a post made you happy or even think. A lot of times, when I am on other blogs, I check out the comments section to see which users comment. It is the commenters who are the gems of blog-friends. I check out their blog and if it is interesting, I follow them! I also try to like back to the blogs who gives me likes as well 🙂

3. Pictures:

Pictures speak a thousand words and a great picture brings emotions to your posts 🙂

  • Don’t give too many pictures in posts that are mainly articles
  • Make your pictures the same size or at least having the same proportion as the rest as much as possible
  • I suggest using the Yoko theme for pictures because it brings more vibrancy than the ones FOR pictures
  • I suggest Flickr’s Creative Commons Search. Here you can freely take others photos provided that you credit them.

4. Paragraphs:

All long texts need paragraphs! The lack of paras in long texts puts strain on my eyes and makes me get lost.The paras make a post look better and your readers will be more comfortable with that. A lot of times, I have to copy-paste the text in my MS Word and then make paragraphs to be able to read them; not giving paras causes readability issues.

5. Theme and font color:

  • If you have a dark background, make sure your text is not dark. For example, grey fonts for a black background is not a good idea. If you use a dark background, it is probably best to use  white colored text.
  • I am not a big fan of the Kelly Theme; it makes the writing huge and spreads it all over the screen so then I have to crane my head to read it. I recommend the Yoko theme for every blog only if it looks good. (Although the Yoko theme doesn’t look good with my blog layout so I use a different one). Play around with the themes and see which suits best for you.
  • Blogs that have themes which are mainly used for photos take longer time to load and thus causes more delay for readers. I suggest using another theme which is suited for blogs which lean more towards writing than photography.
  • Make sure the theme you use doesn’t have a header that is so big that it interferes with the reading experience and makes the space of the blog smaller.
  • See color combinations for choosing the right header color and background for your blog. Eg mine is purple and creme.          (Image Credit:

6. Consistency:

Make sure you write regularly be it daily, weekly, fortnightly, etc as long as it isn’t too long of a delay if you want more viewers. With consistency, readers will see you as a reliable blogger, someone who can keep them updated regularly.

7. Authenticity

Write what you mean and mean what you write 😉 People who are genuine about themselves are more interesting. Who doesn’t like an inside scoop into someone’s mind, now?

8. Tags and Categories

Use suitable tags,16 is the maximum of tags and categories combined or else your posts won’t show in the tag-pages in the reader (Categories are also counted as tags). And use 1-2 Categories for your posts. The best is to only use one Category for a post. People don’t want to see the same content while exploring your categories. Also choosing a single category makes your posts appear more meaningful.

9. Simple layout

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”. Antoine de Saint-Exupery Try to keep your widgets, tabs, your overall blog layout as simple as possible. More doesn’t necessarily mean better. For example,  I have 8 categories:

Some people create a whole new category for every single topic they touch, I say, don’t do that! Have 7-9 categories that touch all the topics you want to discuss at your blog.

10. Improve your Writing:

There is no end to learning. The more we reach the top, the more we find there is no “top” in self-growth. There is always something new to learn. Buy books on writing, see articles on grammar, increase your vocabulary. It will keep your brain sharp and young 🙂


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