ScaredWhile I was getting some water to drink at the center some junior girl pushed herself against the wall to give me space to walk. And there was PLENTY of space for me to walk there! And then she going all, “Oh God! Oh God!” as she looked at me again. In dire need to bail away from me, she rushed to her class.

What the f*ck!?

I just had a goofy grin on my face. I walked past her class ans she looked at me again as she whispered to her friends. Is she mental? Am I too “ugly”? Fat? Scary-looking? A monster? Something? Big? My mind is already a dilapidated shack and there I was thinking.

I saw her again, this time with less fright in her face as she walked past my class. 😳


14 thoughts on “Drivel

  1. Relax says:

    You must look like someone else to her. It has happened to me a few times, and indeed, it’s not always that we are mistaken for someone they like!

    • Mon says:

      You know, I actually thought that. I thought, “Maybe I look like a dead relative and she thinks I….Oh Gosh!” Spooky.

      Or maybe I look like a Celebrity she knows, LOL.

      Both of these explanations are delicious.

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