Random Bullshitting. Part-2

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “180 Degrees.”

Tell us about a time you did a 180 — changed your views on something, reversed a decision, or acted in a way you ordinarily don’t.

Warning: This is a braindump post, so it is definitely in the bullshit category

Bull! Why don’t I get the post when it is originally published on Post A day! D:

At first I thought it should be 360 degrees because that’s….complete right? Like a circle, baby. But tnegativehen I thought, it meant I came back to the same place. I was all, “Damn”.

I don’t want to do my homework!

OK, so back to the topic, the one time I did a 180 degree was speaking up to a girl. I stood my ground. Oh never mind, I won’t talk about that. If that girl happens to read this she will know it was me. 😥

Oh wait! OK, I think it was the time I got all hormonal. I suddenly saw a guy bending over and I was all, “Eeekkk!” and from then on I realized the sexual monster within me, although I do respect people and don’t objectify; no matter how pretty-faced a person might be, a person will be a person to me foremost- but I started fantasizing about “it”. Fantasies of this sort seemed sublime to me. And it started very recently…..About a year ago or maybe a little later after that…..And I am 18 now.

I always used to think, “People are just selfish! They talk about how much they want to do “it” because they never had anything rejected to themselves in their lifetime”. And then the desire struck me. It was sudden. I felt like the following gif:


No, no, no. I am not uncontrollable. I just got to know how it felt. How the arousal felt :I And being a very good girl who promised herself to save herself totally till marriage….I am not sure what I was trying to say after this… But anyway, it was kind of draining holding these feelings in. I remembered sometimes I lied on my stomach to stop the feelings inside (No, I was not hungry….for edible things).

And then sometimes I would think about these things and then soon get all…..”I have no husband!” My own desperation kind of threw me off. My once stiflingly squeaky-clean mind has gone away. My new composite character was starting to take me out (emotionally) as I fantasized and then soon drained myself.

Whatevaahh! I am still saving my freakin’ clean never-seen-an-adult-penis-and-has-internet-connection-at-the-same-time self. It’s a promise I will keep. Although nowadays I don’t even fantasize much because I end up feeling worse.

It’s no laughing matter to me. This is a sensitive topic to me, so be nice when you comment (Yes flamers, I am talking to you!).

Random Bullshitting Part-1 is here!


7 thoughts on “Random Bullshitting. Part-2

    • Mon says:

      I have seen adult content but not…..man-crotch content because I thought it might seem disrespectful to men everywhere (I am a unicorn and I know it!)

    • Mon says:

      And glad you liked it! My brain-dumps end up being better than the ones I take careful consideration in doing :I How pathetic.

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