30DPC: Day 3-30

Featured Image -- 345

Just because I stopped posting, doesn’t mean nothing was being done about the challenge 😛 I was simply being easy on myself with the posting since no one commented with their progress on the challenge….yet? XD

  1. a) For 10 minutes, just be conscious of my thoughts. b)for another ten minutes change my negative thoughts and concern myself with what I want vs. what I don’t want (eg. instead of “I hate the rain,” I will change this thought to “I want the sunshine”.
  2. Be easy on myself with my studies. See the study tasks as, “Read one word at a time and then try to understand it,” as a substitute for, “Learn the whole assignment, b*tch you got exams!” (LOL!)
  3. Reward my efforts with….the Internet 😛

I did Task no 1 everyday except 2-3 days when I was really busy (Read: forgot).

The tasks were easy and they weren’t intensive so I didn’t see my results fast. It’s still a work in progress. One thing I noticed after doing these exercise was the new-found control over my thoughts. Although the effect was temporary, it was still progress 🙂

Image: Seth


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