That Sexy Moment


That moment when I follow someone back and as soon as they see I followed them, they unfollow me. Mission Accomplished. But you didn’t think I kept a list of my followers in a document, did you? You have done poorly ,Sir/Madam.

That moment when I am in the bathroom doing my private business and Mom is all, “Get OUTTA there! You’re spending too much time in there!” And you just can’t bring up how awkward you feel because your Mom’s ferocious 😥

That moment when I walk and see a sketchy guy pee on the sidewalk; their warm pee evaporating (obviously) against the wall and there is just this awful stench. This is extremely activating to my senses (In a bad way! I DID use the word “stench” :P! (I wouldn’t succumb to the call of nature in this way even if I were a guy 😥 ) “Smell You Later.”

That moment when I am waving at a stranger out of kindness and they think I am flirting with them. (Although they have good reason to think I was flirting because women don’t do these often here…I don’t think they EVER do it)

And the most awkward of them all: that moment when you’re out of ideas to post about in your blog. What awkward moment do I write about now?


30 thoughts on “That Sexy Moment

  1. lovetotrav says:

    You made me laugh picturing you spying on those who follow you to see if and when they unfollow…Ha ha..I can’t believe this stuff happens. You have opened my eyes. You could start up a business for other bloggers to hire you to keep track for them. 🙂

  2. Itsmine says:

    ACCORDING TO ME,This is your best post so far!!!! I think this is one of the example to write without having any formalities!! Gr8 work ! specially 3rd para is Atom bomb!!!

    • Mon says:

      I am SO glad you liked it! XD No, most of my posts are already informal (except I tell people that they are my opinions) 😀 Bahaha. Yeah, I am sure you can relate to the third para as well :O

  3. miusho says:

    I sometimes feel like that happens to me.. Hmm. But you can also look up who follows you somewhere on your stats page and use your reader to see who you follow. 😮

      • miusho says:

        I tend to unfollow people with whom I have absolutly NO interaction.. So that tactic doesn’t work for me. 😀
        And I was right, I do have someone who pulled that trick on me, LOL. Ass kissers.

      • Mon says:

        Hahaha. Yeah. But sometimes they follow me again and I follow them back to see if they do the same thing. It’s kind of fun to see it.

      • miusho says:

        Meh, I don’t really follow everyone back and I’m certainly not going to play their silly game. 😛
        I guess I just don’t have patience for that behaviour x.x

    • Mon says:

      Thanks! 😀 I keep them in my document to check them out from time to time and see which ones un-follows me (I stalk my followers!).

      Most of the time I follow my followers back but after I do so, I see some of them un-follow me. I bet they think, “Got that dork followed! Now it’s time to unfollow and grow my folowers!” And I am like…”You unfollowed me? No, no. I unfollowed YOU!”.

      • unbolt says:

        It’s a great tactic, really! I should adopt your experience 😛
        I don’t like people who try to become ‘viral’ with such low ways…

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