Mon Prompt: Trust


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Baggage Check.”

We all have complicated histories. When was the last time your past experiences informed a major decision you’ve made?


You make me cry

oh why oh why

stinkin’ past

why you here?

Oh shit this will be

another shitty poem

But I gotta keep

workin’ on my….



I learnt from the past

no matter how shitty your writing maybe.

Keep shittin’…..

those shitty words

and later you gotta

edit them. Who knows

when a useful insight

strikes you in

the middle of



This poem is

shit, I know that too.

at least I wrote

something instead of

shittin’ over

-thinking about it

F*ck Yes! 😀


Oh shit.

Now you’re angry

at my farts of poetry!

Let me tell you

One thing.

I think I am

one heck

of an Asian.

What does that have

anything to do at all

with all this shit? I don’t know.


I am just trying…

Trying to find…

my way though all this……


The baggage of a prose.


My Note: Oh! Free verse IS as hard as my literature teacher told me! And I totally forgot why I named this poem Trust :I Trust in my poetic abilities? Heck, that just might be it :’)

Another Note: I later DID edit this poem….a bunch o’ times :I


16 thoughts on “Mon Prompt: Trust

  1. Itsmine says:

    Trust me,you are The bestEST!! But I strongly believe that you always think of the world before doing anything,like what will other think of my this activity..e.t.c..(maybe I am wrong about you)…my honest question is why you used that word “shit” so many times in the poem? 😛

    • Mon says:

      Those boring rules of poetry 😥 Things in a poem like imagery, alliteration, hyperbole and other things like that. Rules of Shakesperian Poems, Italian poems, imambic pentabeter, all these freakin’ things! LOL!

      • Mon says:

        I agree 🙂 I told my teacher the same thing and he was all, “Very interesting idea. Yes! Poetry shouldn’t have to have rules! Wouldn’t they deter our creativity?

        Well, the thing is, to make a poetry flowy and smooth, rules are needed. And with free-verse, where there are no rules, writers have to work hard to make them smoother to the “ears” you know”.

        I didn’t understand him at first, but it started to make sense as I compared my poems with those from “experts”. I had to make a LOT of editing to make this poem sound “smoother” LOL! Whatever, I am not going to do anything more. Literature is hard enough, haha (Although it’s still not enough *_* but it’s a work in progress *puts on poetry sunglasses*)

      • miusho says:

        I don’t edit my poems and I feel that they flow.. I’m guessing I do a lot of free verse since I don’t follow rules. 😮

      • Mon says:

        Dude, I forgot to even read you poems *_* My Mom will kill me if I spend any mroe time on the Internet. I will check’em out tomorrow. LOL! 😀 Thanks, Love!

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