My reply to a blogger-friend

One 16 year old blogger wrote  at the Daily Post Community Pool about some advice on her blog, and here’s my response:

Haha. I like that fact that you can write just about anything. It’s open. I on the other hand am too much of a perfectionist and then end up not writing anything or deletig what I wrote :I And I can’t believe so many younger people are here. You’re sixteen, 2 years younger than me, hehe 😀

As for whether you should blog about a central subject….hmm…I don’t do that. My blog, too, is a mish mash of this and that. But readers would like to get to know the *type of mishmash you write. How about having a little “About me” as a widget, kind of like the one in my blog where I titled it as “Who’s that Mon?” (Yeah, silly, but that’s what my blog is mostly about”) so that readers can get a quick idea of what you’re about. When I check out other blogs, the first thing I always keep in mind is to Read the About Section to know if I should follow a blog and it it suits my interests.

As for making friends…I think the best way to do it is by following others and commenting on others blogs. A lot of times, when I am on other blogs, I check out the comments section and see which users comment. It is the commenters who are the gems of blog-friends, I believe. So I check out their blog and if it is interesting, I follow them 🙂

Hope this helped!

P.s I put tips/advice in the Personal Development Category. This definitely falls among tips 😀


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