Mon Prompt: Scawwiieee!

Response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Nightmares.”


I was standing in front of silver brick walls. I was lying down “in position” for the demonstration. In front of me was a cage. The host was calling to the audience about my upcoming feat… escape from the clutches of a running tiger.

The confinement was soon wide open and I came out of it like I was an animal. My first job, before being chased by a carnivore, was to wrestle a hardcore Asian martial artist. I am Asian too, but I am South Asian- that’s a different kind of Asian! I can’t stand a chance against the hardcore Chinese-fighting ones! But unlike my past dreams where fighting The Asian (yep, this dream seemed to repeat itself for some reason) was severer, this time my contestant was a skinny little Chinese kid. Probably 7-8 years younger than me. He was there, standing and moving confidently and was all, “Hiyyyaaahh!” and doing all these moves. He can’t stand a chance! Or is this a ploy?

The fight initiated and I gave one deadly (OK, not deadly, he was just a kid) strike and the Chinese kid was passed out. Wait. What the f*ck did I just do!? Now I have to escape a tiger! The host ordered the his assistants to open the cage of the tiger. During the time which the audience was hushed with a pin-drop silence. The cage was opened.

(Run little, Mon! Run!) I was running, freakin’ shit-my-pants scared and running and behind me was a darting tiger. That furious pants-shitting tiger. I ran and ran and suddenly ended up in a hallway. There was a door at the end of the hall. If I can get in fast enough, lock the door from inside, the tiger wouldn’t stand a chance! And I DID run fast enough and did exactly as I premeditated. Except….

All the past contestants were inside…..I looked behind and there they all were! We were all hiding from a deadly human-eater. One of them told us that the host was going to open that door. Or else…..what kind of a game-show would it be if all the contestants hid in a spacious room? The only way to stop the host from doing that is if one of us went out then come back in again. What kind of logic is that?

There was a tiger out there, who would even think to do that. I don’t remember but I think later all of us played rock-paper-scissors and I was the loser so I had to go out. What if they don’t let me in? What if I don’t hurry fast enough and they close the door leaving me and the tiger behind the close door.

I wanted to wait. Wait until night-time when the tiger could possibly be sleeping. And at my impeccable timing, the tiger was indeed sleeping as I peeped from behind an open the door. I silently went out and did something I totally forgot (LOL!) and just when I was about to go back in the room and join the contestants….the tiger awoke.

(Run little Mon! Run!) The other contestants were shouting at me to quickly get in. I was so scared, I thought I wouldn’t make it and then all the others would get eaten too. I ran and ran and ran. And they screamed and screamed and screamed.

I ran fast and let all hell loose and soon…..I made it. And then we partied with balloons and dancing…OK we didn’t but I made it!

(The end)


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