(Reblog) Just Sophie being (psycho) weird again…

Do you know I once saves a cockroach from drowning down the toilet? Yep. LOL. My Mom told me never to do anything crazy like that ever again. I didn’t stop. Sometimes I try to save innocent ants from drowning down the drain in the bathroom and etc.

I can’t even hurt a fly. BUT……

This post reminded me of a guy I had a crush on and he wouldn’t pay much attention to me. I dreamt of killing him the way Sophie mentioned. And then spend the next few minutes feeling guilty over “indulging” in that thought :I

And like Sophie said, that doesn’t mean I am a psycho either! :O Damn…..

Sophie Speaks Up

Sometimes, when I’m in a really bad mood, I imagine stabbing these annoying people with a very dull knife. The harder it is to cut through their flesh and skin, the longer their suffering would be. The more fun and satisfaction I’d get from torturing them before they die. Yup. This is probably the darkest, most disturbing, evil thought I’ve ever had. We’re all allowed to have evil thoughts once in a while, right? Especially when all these people are being stupid jerks. It’s healthy! Oh, I hope this doesn’t make me a psycho. I’m too cute to be a psycho. If ever, I’m going to be the cutest psycho out there. But, no. I’m not a psycho. Note: I’m not a psycho!

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