(Reblog) Cello, Where are You?

This is a poem about a sweet little cat that can’t be found anymore 😦

Risty's Breath

When u were born you had grey color
It was 07 Feb 2013
After 3 months your color changed to black til now
I feel so close with you
I told you many things, even I am not sure you understand or not
You changed my mood so fast
my tiredness, my sadness gone so fast when i met you

Yousniffedmy feet, as usual
Youtalking tome
ButIdo notunderstandyourlanguage
Youneversleptin my bed
Butthen,yousleep nearmy legs
Youturn awayandyoumovenearmy stomach
Ithink, maybeyoumissed
3daysbecauseyou did notcome home

You do notexist
I’mlooking for you everyday
I callyour name
My voicechoked
Ijustwant you back

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