30DPC: Day 2


The idea behind the 30-Day Positivity Challenge was inspired by Celestine Chua’s 21-Day Positivity Challenge. Lots of thanks to her for permitting me to take this idea ❤

Yesterday was Day 1 and my tasks were:

  1. a) For 10 minutes, just be conscious of my thoughts. b)for another ten minutes change my negative thoughts and concern myself with what I want vs. what I don’t want (eg. instead of “I hate the rain,” I will change this thought to “I want the sunshine”.

  2. Be easy on myself with my studies. See the study tasks as, “Read one word at a time and then try to understand it,” as a substitute for, “Learn the whole assignment, b*tch you got exams!” (LOL!)

  3. Reward my efforts with….the Internet 😛

I did Task No. 1. It was useful. At first I was being conscious of my thoughts and I noticed how readily I am distracted. Provided that I have OCD, my mind was trying to find every means of bringing up disparaging thoughts.

Later I did the focus on what you want part of the task and I started to feel better. I thought, “Hey, I deserve this. How could I feel that bad?” While I was done with the exercise, the negativity hit me like, “Miss me?” But I know with time, it will lessen as I had personal experience with doing mental exercises/meditations like this for a period of time and afterwards feeling better.

As for Task no 2, I tried to look at my subjects as “One word at a time,” but that didn’t inspire me enough to make me study. I was also sick yesterday and couldn’t move. But I took the same concept for going to the coaching centre, “One movement at a time”. I didn’t want to go. But then thought about how expensive each of the classes where, whether I went or not it would cost. So I at first said, “All I need to do now is pull myself out of bed,” and did more things like that for the following acts until I got to the center. And me having such a sickly body, it was hard.

As for the Internet, LOL, I already reward myself with it MORE than I am supposed to, LOL! But I will start to slowly reduce my internet use. One day at a time. Besides I deserved it yesterday…you know- with the coaching center and whatnot 😀 OK fine, I will be more sincere.


If you finished your own 3 tasks, tell us what they were and how it felt when doing them! 🙂

Image by Paul Militaru


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