30DPC: Day 1


Today is Day 1 of the 30-Day Positivity Challenge! If you read my posts on in the precious challenge articles: Let me refresh your memory, ahaha

Are you up for a free CHALLENGE? 😉 (Poll closed)

I plan to lead FREE community challenges on my blog as a worth-add to my readers. I took this idea from Celestine Chua 🙂 So on May 12, 2015, I’ll be conducting an exclusive Challenge of your choice! I hospitably welcome ALL OF YOU to join! If you want to grow personally, this challenge IS for YOU! This challenge will kick-start your personal-development impetus. All the tasks are designed around what YOU want to achieve- YOU personally pick 3 best habits for your challenge so that it ends with a bang.

So, on Day 0, which was yesreeday, I picked the 3 activities I plan on doing during the challenge

The 30DPC: Day 0

  1. a) For 10 minutes, just be conscious of my thoughts. b)for another ten minutes change my negative thoughts and concern myself with what I want vs. what I don’t want (eg. instead of “I hate the rain,” I will change this thought to “I want the sunshine”.
  2. Be easy on myself with my studies. See the study tasks as, “Read one word at a time and then try to understand it,” as a substitute for, “Learn the whole assignment, b*tch you got exams!” (LOL!)
  3. Reward my efforts with….the Internet 😛

So far I got ONE special member Himali and I am very excited to start the challenge 🙂

PS to sign up for the challenge declare your intention to sign up and-0

1. Like/follow any of my pages
2. Share the link to your friends

Now for the challenge,

  1. Pick three tasks you want to do and

  2. Do them! 🙂

  3. Comment about your performance

I will be posting about my progress in Day 2’s post. Stay tuned for that!



Photo Credit: Paul Militaru


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