Sign up: The 30-Day Positivity Challenge (30DPC) From 12th May!

Kelantan, Munzer Shamsul Iwardi



If you read my article on the announcement of a Challenge, you will know I plan to conduct a free challenge of your choice 🙂 This idea was taken by Celes’s Challenges at her site (Although at her site, she was the one who gave us the tasks. Whereas here, you will choose the 3 tasks/habits you want to accomplish to be more positive). This Challenge was supposed to be on 21st May but I thought it shouldn’t have to be that long for a wait. So the Challenge will start after TWO days 🙂

Here’s an excerpt from the previous article about the Challenge:

Are you up for a free CHALLENGE? 😉 (Poll closed)

I plan to lead FREE community challenges on my blog as a worth-add to my readers. I took this idea from Celestine Chua 🙂 So on May 12, 2015, I’ll be conducting an exclusive Challenge of your choice! I hospitably welcome ALL OF YOU to join! If you want to grow personally, this challenge IS for YOU! This challenge will kick-start your personal-development impetus. All the tasks are designed around what YOU want to achieve- YOU personally pick 3 best habits for your challenge so that it ends with a bang.

The more simple, concrete and specific your tasks are, the better. Eg. instead of “Exercise” as a task make it, “Buy a pair of shoes on xx date and jog on X and X days at 10 AM”. Everyday, you will comment on how you did with a the challenge and join with the community. Do you want the Challenge? 😉 Here are some, pick the one you want to engage in or add a challenge of your choice.

The poll is closed now.

The question was, “What Challenge do YOU want to take part in?” And the answers were:

  1. Kindness Challenge
  2. Fitness Challenge
  3. Study/Reading Challenge
  4. Journaling Challenge
  5. Positivity Challenge
  6. 80-20 Challenge (Pareto’s Principle)
  7. Meditation/Relaxation Challenge

And the one with the most vote is- Positivity Challenge.

How to Sign Up for the Challenge: 3 Steps.

To sign up for the Challenge, you have to

  1. Like my Facebook/ Twitter Page, the first image leads you to my Facebook page, the second image to Twitter.


  1. Share my Facebook/Twitter Page or Share this blog-post to your Friends via Facebook/Twitter

  2. After you’re done with the above two, Comment with your intention to Sign up. A simple, “Sign me up” or “Count me in” or whatever works for you ❤

Thanks, Everyone!

Image Credit: Munzer Shamsul Iwardi


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