My Favorite Posts from My Top Liker :)


I have kept in my mind for some time to pick my First Top Liker’s, First 5 Commenters’, Randomly Chosen Follower’s, and Randomly Chosen Commenter’s Blog posts I loved dearly 🙂 Pretty soon I am planning to start on doing more kinds of things like this secretly just like I did with this post 😀

Today I will promote an amazing author, the beautiful Himali  ❤

Himali Shah: She writes “I am a Chartered Accountant by profession presently working with a Fortune 500 Company. I am a voracious reader and I love to pen down emotions I witness and experience. I believe in the power of expression and love…..”

She is an amazing writer who believes writing is a genuine and therapeutic way to express herself: ““I decided not to structure my writings around topics I “Want” to write. Rather, I will write what I “Need” to write” 😉

After a lot of reading, I have selected some of the amazing posts she has written in a list of ten’s (along with excerpts). I hope you like it and I hope I did Miss. Shah justice.

Happiness – The Kids Way

“.These kids were so much enjoying the moment like they had no worry in the world or no complaints to make.

Those kids were happy with their slippers, wooden racket and fool. They had no regrets at the moment….

In spite of having so much comforts, here we are fretting about every imperfection that comes our way”

Always Dream On.. Here is WHY ??

They dreamed, but with their eyes open. They worked hard to achieve their dreams till their brows ached with sweat. They worked relentlessly, dared to see the world from their vision & choose to stand against the world just because they had belief in their dreams.

There is a Hindi song written at the bottom of the post. Here is the translation (according to Himali):

“The dream that keeps you awake,
The dream that steals your sleep,
Is a real dream…
The dream that you see in your sleep,
The dream that you forget,
Is not real…”


…..After so many years,
A long drive with a long lost friend,
A stroll talking about the essence of life,
Bonding over brownies & chatting like there’s no end,
Memories relived again with friends are such a bliss !……

Summer is Our Spring !!

Hand in hand,
Summer was our spring,
Because then blossomed our love,
Like red roses on a bush..

By the window..

..The frightened pup has found a shelter,
A man so lonely hugged him home……

Decoding Happiness : #Voyage

I wanted to be beautiful always,
I asked them, how?

Nail the job you dream of and shop in the finest malls,
Was what they said..

I did that, very well indeed,
The joy was like a candle, eventually melted away..

I wanted to know happiness always,
But this time, I asked not them..

I asked my heart indeed,
And went on a voyage to meet happiness..

Decoding Happiness : #Eureka

Happiness is reading the “one last chapter”,
Till 3 in the morning with a cup of coffee..

Happiness is making some one smile,
A hug to your parents on a chilly night..

Happiness lies not in solo success,
But in victories celebrated & tears shared..

Your Love Shall Fade Away

…..If you love me for my brains,
Your love shall fade away,
Because I might be forgetting things I did minutes ago some day..

If you love me for the good times we’ve had,
Your love shall fade away,
Because we might quarrel all night some day……

I’ll be yours !

When you’re blue,
I’ll be the chocolate to beat the blues.

When you’re lost,
I’ll be the pole star guiding your way.

When you’re lousy,
I’ll be the caffeine to keep you going.

So far away I WAS..!!

…So far away I am,
My cries are almost whispers,
My sobs are almost silent.

So far away I am,
My family is just a phone call,……

…….You brought back the curve on my lips,
You made me laugh, you made me dream,
All over again, you gifted me back,
The old “Me”…

Enjoy! 😀

(Image my Reji)

19 thoughts on “My Favorite Posts from My Top Liker :)

  1. Govind Dulani says:

    abhi to journey shuru hui its time u r journey bloging world…abhi to or bhi unchaiya ane wali hai..

  2. Govind Dulani says:

    because in blogs u r truness and sweatness of poetry and short story…touchable to the heart i.e.i wanna grow with this i remember my parents..thanks 4 sharing us..

  3. Himali Shah says:

    If there would be a contest saying “The happiest days of my life”, I would definitely nominate this day. One of my Friends here in Blogosphere has dedicated a post to my blogs !! She selected top 10 posts from my blog and summarised each of them so beautifully !
    Thank you so much for this beautiful and sweet gesture Mon. Lots of love 🙂
    Your words have given me so much encouragement, my words defy to express it. I am really humbled.
    When I started out my journey here in blogosphere, I was and still am an amateur. My blogs were hardly read ! But when I started making friends here in my journey, things took a U Turn. This is the power of friendship and encouragement. Once again thanks a lot Mon for this pleasant surprise and for being so kind and encouraging ❤

    • Mon says:

      I couldn’t sleep properly last night because of this comment. I am SO SO SO SO SO glad you liked it ❤ I am happy to do this act. I feel honored to have made someone feel this way. I am humbled.

      May you have a sweet journey in the blogging world, Love 🙂

    • Mon says:

      Thank you, Sweetie. Yes, you are welcome 🙂 ❤ I have been warmed by all your likes and this is what I did in return. I just started my blog recently and I got inspired by all the likes you have been giving me, haha

      Happy writing 😀
      Take care, Love 🙂

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