Earthquakes and afterthoughts


There have been earthquakes recently in Dhaka that followed from Nepal. The effect of the earthquake on Nepal has been devastating. And I am wondering, “What’s stopping Bangladesh from having such causalities?” When I feel one earthquake I start praying and I wonder, “Do I have to die this way?” and “Is this really happening?” and think nothing else. And that’s not a pleasant feeling. It’s fear running through my veins. Yesterday’s earthquake was a little more shaky than today’s. Yesterday my computer screen started shaking. We stood under a pillar because it is safer there than under a wall.

Are we going to have more earthquakes? But I am a little childish. After the earthquake stopped I thought, “Have to get my priorities in order. Right now, I will unlike all the useless pages on my Facebook feed”. Yep. The new generation is smarter (Or I am just pathetic) :I So I unliked/unfollowed from all the pages on Facebook that I thought weren’t serving But I know I have to get more serious. I have to get my real priorities in order.

I hope no more earthquakes occur.

Right now I have to finish my reading homework of English Literature though.


Praying to Allah we are kept safe 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Earthquakes and afterthoughts

      • Mon says:

        No, thank God there wasn’t any damages reported here.

        But it was abrupt. My computer started to literally moving from side to side. The scene of it made me think, “I can’t stop this! I can’t! I just can’t! We might JUST die!”

        Soon the earthquake stopped. I heard a lot of people in India died because of this. Have you heard? I am glad you were alright 🙂

  1. The Sock Mistress says:

    Earthquakes are scary shit… do what you can to stay safe which includes educating yourself about how to physically protect yourself – stop, drop, hold. Or do what most do… is that a quake, shit that seems big, I should do something about now, oh its stopped… with a deer in the headlights look.

    • Mon says:

      Indeed you’re right, Paula 🙂 Me and Mom held each other tight and was scared when it was happening, instead of protecting ourselves. This line perfectly describes the situation- ” I should do something about now, oh its stopped… with a deer in the headlights look.” Thank you so much! XOXO

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