Ya’ll are readers and this is a blog-post


After seeing that I got views from three distinct countries (Bangladesh, Canada and England) I got a bit inspired to write. But I am not sure what to write. I am trying to get my life in order.

I get sick a lot and that is usually the cause of my procrastination. It makes me feel uninspired and then I am like, “Screw this! D: ” I have developed the habit of exercising at least twice a week and that’s because the exercise I do is something I enjoy- dancing! But I have been feeling a bit depressed and lonely. I am like, “Cool. Alright. Where are the people I helped? Where are they now?” I feel so used.

Family– Parents argue and then I think more and more about the importance of finding the right person to marry. That is what I think when they argue.

Health– I exercise and floss regularly. Isn’t that enough? :O  And my eye-health is pretty bad because I sit in front of the computer all day 😦

Studies– I have no motivation to f-ing study 😥 Well, I do have but not enough to get me fired up to start studying 😥

Social– Just joking. Why did I even write this here? 😥

Love– Trying to be less and less critical about everything. So far doing good :’)

Bye, bye. Lots of love! 🙂

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(Picture by Exclusive Yash)


8 thoughts on “Ya’ll are readers and this is a blog-post

  1. Itsmine says:

    Ohhh Whatever has happened now is just unbelievable!! Now i am feeling dumb,dull & very embarrassed after along long period!!

  2. Himali Shah says:

    Hey Mon, I really like the frankness behind this post . And yes view from different countries really motivate me too.. and it’s great that u exercise well. You can use anti glare glasses while u surf the net. 🙂 all the best girl! !

  3. Himali Shah says:

    Hey Mon.. I loved the frankness behind this post. You exercise right and u are expressing your thoughts by words. That’s great. And yes you should take care of your eyes like wearing anti glare glasses while u surf the net. 🙂 all the best girl !!!

    • Mon says:

      Haha, thank you, Sweetie 🙂
      I didn’t know there were such type of glasses, but if I ever request these particular glasses from my parents, they will probably take away my internet connection 😀 , but I will keep that in mind!

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