Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts (Book Review)

A tribute to a rockstar- David Reilly- from his best-friend Brian Paone, the author. The book sheds a light on the humane side of his friend, away from his fame and his ‘industrial light’ (if that’s a good way to put it_. As I read through the book, I wanted to know more and more about David Reilly.

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I loved how he described when he first met David, how he vividly described his experiences with the rocker and just when I was writing this review, I thought I would read some sections of the book to share. But the parts I want to share are very emotional as they got more and more meaning as I read the pages (It’s a 434 page). I feel like I won’t be able to show the emotions I felt after the end of this book to show it here. It was a heartwarming read, all the incidences with David and the band around him. How David would talk to them, how he would be so humble.

I usually share favorite excerpts for reviews, but I feel like excerpts of my favorite lines won’t do much justice because you have to finish the book to ‘finish the feeling’, if that makes sense. I don’t even want to tell the reason behind the naming of this book. Figur4e it out for yourself. I feel like it’s the kind of book that needs to be read twice. Once for ‘finishing’ all the puzzle-pieces of the characters. And for the second time, to read it as you feel much more for the character because now you know what behavior led to what. The writer of this book has a kind soul and one can dream to have a friend as unconditionally supportive as Brian Paone (the author). LINK to the BOOK FROM AMAZON

The issues I had with the book was that there were TOO many names of bands and places in the book; so many names of things I didn’t want to know about  I just quickly flicked over them. Or perhaps I feel this way because I am not so familiar with all the bands he named during that time. A few ones I am familiar with, and one of that was Britney Spears. The other issue I had was because of my anxiety disorder. Even if the names were rhetorical (they were, right?) every time I read “God Lives Under Water” and “Drop-kick Jesus” (two of the band names, the first one is David Reilly’s the second is Brian Paone’s), people using religion-related things very lightly tends to make me very anxious. (I know I am not the best reviewer, so I left another review at the bottom of the blog-post)

This review wasn’t written in the style I wanted to write it. But I don’t think there is a way to review emotional non-fiction books like you can with fictional works. I would feel incredibly guilty if I had to ‘rate’ a book like this. Emotional stories like this are beyond ratings, just like Anne Frank’s diary. And because the author kindly had a giveaway for this book and I got it for free, I feel like one of the gifts you can give back to an author, other than enjoying the book, is giving a review of it. And this is sort of my review. I am so unqualified for writing stuff like this. But I feel like the author deserved some more people to know about him.

Since I feel like I didn’t do much for a review, I will share a great one from someone else on this book-



I am done

Twitter. I am going to give up. US isn’t a country, it’s only for certain people. If you have been attacked by bombs from or by US-backed soldiers, then sorry, but not sorry. You’re welcome. And Many Trumpers are here to overgeneralize people

At this rate, I’ll leave twitter for a while. I might start blogging after a year because of this. I care more for others’ feelings then they do for me. In a tweet that was so personal and involved my mother….man.And I try to be as calm as possible online.But people give less thought to what you have to say. I’ll get out of the internet, it’ll be happy without me practicing goody common etiquette. I get guilty easily.

I’ll come back next year, or when I feel like I calmed down and can handle the internet again. Maybe I’ll come back next June. I’ll close comments after two days.

Tuesday Productivity

As per tradition, some of my favorite tweets are…well….there, over there. Boy. And I meditated for 7 hours this week. (✓), I didn’t exercise at all, though in my defense my feet were hurting….though they weren’t hurting today……but whatever😀 LOL.  And as for making the spread sheet, it’s not even a month till last spread-sheet. Right, that’s my excuses for the other two tasks :’D I rate my week a 40% well done, because I did some studying too. And I downloaded a gratitude app and it helps me to count my blessings everyday. One of the items on my gratitude task is being grateful for this post because it made me feel okay for being unable to make friends, as easily as others have it-Making friends?

I am kind of scared that coffee will make me maladjusted again like last time. And then I gave up coffee again, for a while. I am having coffee and hopefully the daily meditation I do will keep my less restless.  I already feel the anxiously jumpy feeling I get after drinking coffee, I think I will just meditate more and have coffee only 3 times a week.

Tasks for next week-

  1. Do 22 pomodoros
  2. Meditate for 7 hours
  3. Exercise on Thursday & Sunday


What are your plans for next week? How did last week go for you?

Fight Bigotry, in Tweets

This is Donald Trump Jr.’s Tweet:

The refugee problem gets to me (not only because I am a Muslim but also) because our country wouldn’t be able to defend itself against people from developed countries with their drones, bombs, etc. It hardly got itself out from the English. And then US-backed Pakistanis that take up so much of our history.  My family ‘almost’ got in a refugee crisis but a ‘refugee-camp’ in another city took my mother to safety during war. But here are some tweets against the apple that didn’t fall far from the Donald.

First, two tweets from the singer of “All of me” –

The second is from one of my favorite transwomen youtubers-

From a staff-writer at the Washington Post-

One of my favorite tweeters who give voice to the voiceless-

A terribly accurate argument-

I would do it too-

Although this wasn’t specifically directed against anyone, but this still is worth the mention, from a Unisef worker-

Rest of the Rawr (and a video)

Raw thoughts. I don’t know how to get my rawest….how do you say ‘rawest’? “Rawr-rest?” Or like “Raw-rest”? Wait, I think the first one seemed a bit too much. *big smiles* So….haha. I am not saying the ‘p’ word, you know, the ‘p’ word that ends with ‘olitics’. Yes, keeping myself disciplined because……

I really don’t know how to get my rawr-est thoughts out. I can’t put much language around my thoughts. I often feel like I am lying to myself when I write. That I don’t sound ‘as true’ as I’d want to, whatever that sounds like. It’s scary to get thoughts out this way. I am trying to be all…..honest lol. Or maybe it’s because English is my second language. Let me ‘think in my native language’ to see if I can translate these ‘lies’

Yeah, I am bored, that’s probably why I feel like this. I should consult my native-self more often. lol native-self. Oh, my native self said to share this video of a taxi-driver from my country-


A video on how Trump got bigly

Fine, the answer is obvious, it’s from the support of Republican officials who already agree with Trump (before Trump even happened to the GOP, watch video below). Trump didn’t JUST HAPPEN out of nowhere and me and many others in our country believe that. And that point is perfectly made in the video from 4:49 onto 7:22 minutes.

Thanks to Robert (check out his blog on conflict-management) for clearly explaining what I’ve been trying to find English words for-

I analyze both presidential candidates from a conflict management point of view. While I’m not exactly sure in reference to Hillary Clinton, I *am* sure that Donald Trump will contribute to more conflict, both domestically and internationally. Indeed, he already is inspiring more conflict…..

I actually never thought that in my lifetime I’d see this level of fascism arising from within American society. Donald Trump will create domestic and world conditions which are more unsafe for everyone in it. This is my concern.

I’d much rather take Gary Johnson, who was born in Aleppo (The Onion, ha!) than Donald Trump. (I agree more with liberatarinism than I do with republican, politics is pretty filthy and US government shouldn’t take taxes from it’s citizens….except for helping poor people or minority groups. (Somewhat Marxist Liberatarian?)

Naturally, most people who won’t have trouble with Donald Trump are…..those who won’t have trouble with Donald Trump in presidency. Like Whites, straights and…..non-non-Christians. So they’re more of an ‘every man for themselves’ kind of person (my basic opinion of *most* Republicans, not ALL Republicans). Basically those who value punishment for abortion, no gay marriage and no taxation a lot (My opinion, one or more of these reasons why most republicans vote for Donald Trump)

Democrats are more ‘out-there’ thinkers to me. Believing there’s always someone who’ll need contribution from us as a whole. And everyone needs contributing something to in society to make it work for those who are poor and non-browns, non-straights, etc basically the poor and minorities

I don’t make any distinction between people who DID something and people who supported the deed done** (I know some people won’t agree, and that’s fine) wwhichis why I believe there’s almost no difference between Hillary and Trump- in war policies and their reliability to not con the American people. But the little difference in the message both the candidates sends, in my opinion, is what makes all the difference. And that is to not give the xenophobes the permission to divide.

** this is literally all I have to share on the topic of the doer and the supporter.(although I did share some other things HERE), I have nothing more to add to this. I know LOTS of people will disagree, and that’s alright.I just won’t make distinctions between the voter of the war and the supporter of the war/Saddam-Hussein-style wars….and I have a funny picture to share-

(Comments closed because I don’t want to talk on US-politics on my blog anymore. Hopefully I won’t write anything more on this)

GAhhhh I am hitting PUBLISH! EEEK!